Brass male adapter (art. 94A)

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all calibers

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Product versions

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Code Description Thread M.O.Q. Color
Code Description Thread M.O.Q. Color
94A_1 Adattatore maschio M5 - 1/8 M M5-M 1/8 10 BRASS
94A_2 Adattatore maschio 8/32 - 1/8 M 8/32-M 1/8 10 BRASS
94A_3 Adattatore maschio 8/32 - SMALL M 8/32-M SMALL 10 BRASS
94A_4 Adattatore maschio 8/32 - MEDIUM M 8/32-M MEDIUM 10 BRASS
94A_5 Adattatore maschio M5 - M5 M M5-M M5 10 BRASS
94A_6 Adattatore maschio 8/32 - M5 M 8/32-M M5 10 BRASS
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