Cleaning kit with pvc coated steel rod Ø7mm 3pcs – 3 brushes (art. 77B)

Kit composition:
  • 3 brushes: helical steel
  • wool
  • nylon
  • 3pcs plastic coated steel rod
Product for:
pvc envelope

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Product versions

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Code Description Caliber Thread M.O.Q.
Code Description Caliber Thread M.O.Q.
77B Completo pulizia fucile Cal.12 FIL.ITA 12 ITA 10
77B_16 Completo pulizia Cal.16 FIL.ITA 16 ITA 10
77B_20 Completo pulizia Cal.20 FIL.ITA 20 ITA 10
77B_24 Completo pulizia fucile Cal.24 24 ITA 10
77B_28 Completo pulizia fucile Cal.28 28 ITA 10
77B_410 Completo pulizia fucile Cal.410/36 410/36 ITA 10
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